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Stories of the 5 Most Creepy Hotels in Indonesia

Stories of the 5 Most Creepy Hotels in Indonesia

Hotels are temporary stopovers when we are on vacation or when we are away from our homes. It turns out that the hotel, which is a human stopover, does not close for ghosts to come to stay at the hotel. In Indonesia with a mystical culture that is still thick, some people believe in it. So this time we will discuss the story of the 5 most creepy hotels in Indonesia that you need to know. Where are they? 

Stories of the 5 Most Creepy Hotels in Indonesia
5 Most Creepy Hotels in Indonesia

The Inna Grand Bali Beach Fire Disaster

You need to know, Inna Grand Bali Beach is the first hotel in Bali with a standing year around 1962. The construction of Inna Grand Bali Beach utilized the spoils obtained from the Japanese army at that time. Inside the Bali Beach Hotel, there is the mystery of room 327 which until now the story is still evaporating and cannot be solved by ordinary human logic.

The horror story that occurred at Inna Grand Bali Beach began when before a great fire broke out, one of the hotel employees saw an apparition of Ratu Kidul who warned him about the fire that would occur at the Bali Beach Hotel. The incident was then reported to hotel superiors, more precisely reporting to the hotel manager. However, this was ignored by the manager. Maybe because the manager does not believe in mystical things that are creepy hotels in Indonesia.

And sure enough after the incident an employee who had been warned by the supernatural figure that there would be a great fire. The great fire really happened. The fire burned down the entire Inna Grand Bali Beach hotel building and strangely enough, there was one room that was untouched by the fire. That room was room 327. Until now, room 327 at Inna Grand Bali Beach is still a mystery and one of the creepy hotels in Indonesia.

Photo of a Woman with Long Hair at Hotel Tugu Malang

At Hotel Tugu Malang, there are pictures of women that are still a mystery to this day. The photo of the long-haired woman at Hotel Tugu Malang is a photo of Oei Hui Lan. Oei Hui Lan’s painting was placed in Hotel Tugu Malang with the aim of commemorating the family history of the sugar king. If you go to Hotel Tugu Malang, stop by The Sugar Baron Room.

In this room, there are various collections of photos to objects belonging to the family of China’s first lady Oei Hui Lan. The photo of the woman seems mystical because the woman stands with her back to the mirror. So it seems that there is a figure standing behind her. Very spooky, thats why this is one of creepy hotels in Indonesia.

The Spirits at Hotel Siranda Semarang, One of Creepy Hotels in Indonesia

Siranda Hotel used to be a hotel that was in demand and crowded in Semarang. This was due to the strategic location of Hotel Siranda which offered a view of Simpang Lima from above. However, this is already a distant memory. Because there was a murder at Hotel Siranda, visitors became reluctant to spend the night at the hotel. Not only because there was a murder, the news of the victim’s spirit figure wandering and hotel visitors often seeing apparitions made Hotel Siranda gradually experience a decline in the number of visitors. 

In fact, buskers who often spend the night in front of the hotel also often have supernatural experiences. Not only at night, but the atmosphere also feels creepy during the day. For those who are curious to feel the sensation of horror, please visit Semarang. I guarantee you will get goosebumps after you come here, one of creepy hotels in Indonesia.. 

A Lady in White Dress at Hotel Indonesia Jakarta

The Woman in White at Hotel Indonesia Jakarta is still a mystery to this day. Hotel Indonesia Jakarta is horrifying according to visitors. Most visitors say they often see an invisible figure on the 4th floor of the Jakarta Hotel Indonesia. Visitors claim to often see a beautiful woman in a white dress appearing in the hallway in front of the elevator which makes the hair stand up. 

However, it does not make the hotel deserted by visitors. Because the facilities offered are very satisfying. Moreover, Hotel Indonesia Jakarta holds a lot of valuable history of Creepy Hotels in Indonesia

Pondok Indah Ghost Castle in Bedugul Owned by Tommy Soeharto

Tommy Soeharto’s Pondok Indah Bedugul Ghost Castle was nicknamed by local residents as The Ghost Palace Hotel. The nickname was pinned not without cause. The Ghost Palace Hotel’s nickname is because local residents are often haunted by the figure of an employee who died at the hotel. It is said that the employee who died was due to improper working conditions. His spirit, which was not calm, then wandered and became a waiter at the hotel until this moment.

That’s the story of the 5 most creepy hotels in Indonesia that you need to know. If you are curious, please visit these hotels directly and spend the night there. We do not recommend that you stay at 5 Creepy Hotels in Indonesia, you should sleep in our best villa recommendations. We recommend you the number one quality villa in Bali, Havenland Property. Rent villa in Bali and experience the beauty of this enchanting island. Contact Havenland Property today to discover your dream long-term villa in Bali.

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