Our values are the bedrock of our success and the driving force behind our growth. These values hold the key for not only our present but also our future. One of our core values is a belief in creating a shared prosperity. We believe that our success is holds a symbiotic relationship with the development and growth of society at large.

In this manner, Corporate Social Responsibility for us is about creating that shared prosperity for ourselves, our partners, our customers and our community.


Blood Donation Camps

Organizing blood donation camps is one of our core CSR activities. We organize about 3-4 blood donation camps every year. All our camps focus on giving blood donors the best experience. We organize these events with the joint goal of collecting as much blood as possible while also spreading awareness about blood donation in the country.

Blood can't be fabricated in processing plants; it can just originate from human donors. As per WHO information, India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units every year. If just an additional 2-3% of the India's youth starts donating blood, this shortage can be wiped out.

However, the people's awareness about blood donation is still very less. One normally thinks of donating blood only when one's friends or family are in need. There is still a stigma attached to donating blood in Indian society that can be rid off with continual awareness programs.



Yoga Days

In the guidance of renowned H.H. Yogiraj Dr. Om Prakash Ji Maharaj, Aarone Group along with Select CITYWALK organizes annual Meditation & Yoga sessions on the occasion of ‘International Yoga Day’ at Select CITYWALK. Every year, hundreds of shoppers and yoga enthusiasts gather at the shopping center to witness and actively participate in the yoga sessions.