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5 Options Before You Choose Villas in Canggu

Canggu Villas

Villas in Canggu, located in a coastal area of Bali, represent natural beauty and peace in the midst of natural rice fields and beautiful ocean views. The villas typically combine contemporary design with traditional Balinese architecture, creating a balance between modern and traditional comforts. The concept of a living room that is large enough, open-air lounges and private pools are standard attributes, providing an enjoyable retreat from the bustling world. Many villas offer direct access to the beach or are surrounded by verdant rice fields, enhancing the serene atmosphere. The interiors are usually decorated with local art and furnishings, reflecting Bali’s rich artistic heritage. Canggu itself is a famous area for surfing spots, happening cafes, and a lively atmosphere, making these villas the perfect place for relaxation as well as exploration.

Whether for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or retreat with friends, Canggu villas have something luxurious and intimate to offer, combining Bali’s natural beauty with high-class living. When you are visiting Bali, there are many reasons why you should go to Canggu. From enjoying the sunset, dining at popular restaurants, or enjoying the nightlife, there are many things that will make you feel the atmosphere of Canggu all day long. If you need to stay in Canggu, either with your family, your friends or partner, here are a few recommendations for each of your options.

Canggu Villas for Rent

villas in canggu bali

Most of the Canggu villas are usually exclusive accommodation properties and are available for rent in the Canggu area of Bali. Each of the villas comes with full facilities such as private swimming pools, beautiful gardens, and spacious open-air living areas. Many villas offer direct views of the beach or are surrounded by green rice fields that add to the relaxed and calming atmosphere. Renting a villas in Canggu provides an exclusive and immersive stay, combining Bali’s natural beauty with residential comfort and luxury.

Renting villas in Canggu can be a delightful experience if you keep a few key tips in mind. When renting villas in Canggu, research the location as each neighborhood has its own vibe; decide if you want to be close to the beach, cafes, or in a secluded area. Check reviews and ratings on trusted platforms to gauge the villa’s condition, service quality, and accuracy of the listing. Ensure the villa has essential amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and security, and confirm any specific features you need. Review the villa’s layout, especially if traveling with a group, as some open layouts may not suit families with kids.

Communicate with the host to clarify doubts, confirm booking details and understand the check-in/out process. Plan for transportation, whether the villa provides services or you need to rent a scooter or car. Check the location of the villa, anything nearby such as the villas distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and transportation hubs for a better experience. Make sure the villa offers proper security and privacy for a relaxing stay and still be safe. Review the cancellation and refund policies before booking. Upon arrival, inspect the villa to ensure everything is as described and report any issues to the host immediately.

Canggu Villas With Private Pool

villas in canggu bali

Canggu villas with private pool are popular due to the unique blend of privacy, luxury, and convenience they offer. These pools provide an exclusive space for relaxation, allowing guests to swim and unwind without sharing with others, enhancing the sense of personal seclusion. The convenience of having a pool right at the doorstep means guests can enjoy a swim anytime without leaving their accommodation. This setup is ideal for families, offering a safe environment for children to play while parents can supervise easily. For couples, a private pool adds a touch of romance and intimacy to their stay. The presence of a private pool also signifies luxury and comfort, providing a high-end, resort-like experience.

By aesthetic perspective, private pools enhance the overall ambiance of the villa, providing a beautiful and serene backdrop. Additionally, they serve as a perfect hub for social gatherings, allowing friends and family to enjoy parties and entertainment in a private setting. This combination of factors makes villas with private pools a sought-after choice for travelers looking for a special and memorable vacation experience.

5 Options Villas in Canggu

One area with many destinations for traveling and has always been busy with visitors is Canggu. Some of the beaches in Canggu are considered surfer-friendly, and the rice fields are also an attractive destination. In addition, you can easily find restaurants, bars and beach clubs. Canggu was considered too crowded, but these days it’s peaceful and quiet. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere in Canggu and enjoy relaxing by the beach. Here are 5 options before you choose villas in Canggu.

Ombak Luwung

Ombak Luwung is a beautiful luxury villa located on the beachfront. The villa is furnished with artistic ornaments and Balinese designs. The villa has five separate houses which are equipped with en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms. There are five en-suite bedrooms, a dining pavilion, and massage. It gets cozy with a garden and swimming pool surrounded by coconut trees. For those who want to relax, you can have a bath in the jacuzzi. You can also sit back and relax in the spacious open-air living room with a traditional wantsilan design. From here, you can enjoy the pool and ocean views.

Location: Nelayan Street No. 1, Canggu, Bali

Legong Keraton Beach

Legong Keraton Beach is one of the hotels or villa that combines the tropical, cultural and natural atmosphere of Bali. As the name suggests, this hotel is close to Berawa Beach. One thing that makes it special is that you can see the beach view from your room. You can also swim or relax while enjoying the sunset with the beach as the background. A children’s pool is available, making it a great place to stay with family. There are deluxe rooms overlooking the ocean, tropical gardens, and superior rooms with private terraces or balconies. Generally, each room accommodates two adults and one child. You can also choose one queen bed or twin beds. Some rooms have an en suite bathroom with a bathtub to help you relax.

Location: Berawa Beach Street, Canggu, Bali

Asatu Villa Canggu

Do you want to stay in the Canggu area that has a traditional Balinese atmosphere? If so, then Asatu Villa can be a good choice for visitors who stay. This villa is strategically placed in a fairly hidden location, so the vibes are still natural and very Balinese. There are many facilities that you can get if you stay at Asatu Villa, for example toiletries, air conditioning, TV, swimming pool, and many other facilities.

Location: Kayu Tulang Street, Baniah Umah, Canggu, Bali

The Tamantis Villa Canggu

One of the affordable villa recommendations in Canggu is The Tamantis Villa. This property presents a natural feel with equipment and furniture that is mostly made from wood. The interior design of this villa is also no less good than the others, you know. 

There are various facilities that you can use during your stay at The Tamantis Villa. One of the favorite facilities in this villa is the private swimming pool which is aesthetic and has clear water. In addition, there are still many other good facilities for guests, for example kitchen equipment, a variety of food choices, air conditioning, Wifi, laundry, and others.

Location: Pemelisan Agung Street, No. 96, Canggu, Bali

Havenland Villa Bali

villas in canggu bali

Welcome to Havenland Villa Bali property rent, where we work hard to give our visitors great vacation experiences in the most desired locations on earth. A luxurious dream property for sale or rent is called Havenland. Renting one of the many magnificent and cozy Bali villas will make you feel as though you’re in heaven.

The rental of the best villa property, which is exclusively to Havenland, represents the most amazing challenge. We provide the ideal villa for you whether you’re looking for a group vacation, a family holiday, or a romantic escape. We are dedicated to giving our visitors outstanding service. Our committed staff is here to help with every aspect from the time you get in touch with us until the day you leave.

Location: Tanah Barak Street No.25 A, Canggu, Bali 

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