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Bali Vegan Food Recommendations for Travelers

Bali Vegan Food

Bali Vegan Food

Bali vegan food – A short vacation in Bali as a vegan is one of the most magical experiences ever. Bali is the perfect place for vegans because of its beautiful waterfalls, stunning temples, colorful celebrations, lush rice fields, and vegan-friendly food. Bali has many vegan-friendly eateries, from traditional eateries called “Warung” to the many well-known restaurants that help you find a place to eat for a vegan.

It can be a little difficult to find the best vegan restaurants in Bali due to the sheer number of options. We did a lot of experimenting to help you find some of the best vegan restaurants in Ubud, Canggu, and Seminyak after repeatedly visiting restaurants in Bali.

Food in Bali

Bali’s diverse food options due to its unique culture allow visitors to explore a variety of foods. Most of food in Bali combines traditional cooking techniques, ingredients, and spices from Indonesia, India, China, and Europe. It is famous for its use of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood, as well as unique flavors such as spicy, sweet, sour, and salty.

Bali offers a delightful food scene that caters to all tastes. You can book a special night out with sumptuous dishes, or there are always carts selling street food and local snacks. Try mixed dishes that combine Balinese and Western food, such as lawar, babi guling, nasi goreng and sate lilit. In Bali, you can also find organic and healthy food, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. When you enjoy the island’s food, no one will go hungry!

Overall, Balinese food presents a rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary traditions, making it a paradise for foodies.

Bali Vegan Restaurant

Bali Vegan Food

When it comes to culinary tourism, Bali is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. It never seems to run out of healthy café and restaurant options. There are many eateries that offer meat-free yet delicious options. Some of them specialize in raw, vegan and organic food with menus ranging from salad bowls to wraps.

Usually, you can find many of these vegetarian and vegan dishes in Ubud. This area is known as the heart and spiritual center of the island. Ubud will present you with yoga, art, cultural centers and stunning scenery. You can also take a stroll to Canggu to find other vegetarian-friendly places as an alternative. Most restaurants will serve you with local ingredients, superfoods and gluten-free food.

We introduce the best Bali Vegan Restaurants with a selection of our favorite places to eat, indulge and satisfy yourself in Bali – purely vegan. It’s a great feeling when you can order anything from the menu that catches your eye and you know that it’s animal-free and nourishing your body!

1. Living Food Lab

The interior of this vegetarian restaurant is a basic white color with lots of wooden ornaments. The walls are decorated with artsy portraits. Menu highlights include zoodles, mango wraps and gluten-free burgers. Drinks: coffee, herbs, and juices. The place is very cozy, and for you food bloggers, prepare your cameras because their plating is very aesthetic and beautiful.

2. Kynd Community

Kynd Community has two areas that you can choose from: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor area is decorated with pastel pink walls that are very aesthetics. Meanwhile, the indoor area is filled with plant ornaments in pots that add a cool impression. The burgers, sandwiches and salad bowls served are made from plants. For drinks, you can enjoy coconut milkshakes, tea, coffee, and cocktails.

3. Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe is not just a place to eat, there is also a convenience store that sells grains, nuts, raw snacks and all other organic products. In this place, you can choose the outdoor section while enjoying the atmosphere of the bustling Seminyak area. Tipsy break, indian samosa, daikon shiitake, and vegan hotdog are some of the best sellers. To keep things fresh, order kombucha, minty calm, melon essence, or a variety of juices.

4. Green Ginger Noodle House

The vintage atmosphere is immediately felt when you set foot into this restaurant. Every corner has paintings by local artists, stamp collections and even used books. The size is not too big which makes the atmosphere more intimate. Singapore noodles, wontons, laksa and pad Thai are the mainstays of the menu. For drinks, there are juices, smoothies, coffee, kombucha, and tea.

5. Moksa

For those who don’t like the crowds of Bali, you can make Moksa your destination when you are on vacation in Bali. The location of the restaurant is quite far from the highway, making the atmosphere quieter and calmer. Coupled with the view of the rice fields that make the heart and mind feel more comfortable. You can order smoothie bowls, moksa mezze, love bruschetta, humus, and others. Herbs, juices, smoothies and mocktails are the recommended drinks menu. 

6. The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack is small, but the atmosphere is cozy. The design provides a homey atmosphere, guaranteed to make you feel at home for long. The food menu that you can enjoy are smoothie bowls, chia pods, banana oats, tempe bowls, and so on. For drinks, they serve iced tea, coffee, coconut, and kombucha.

7. Bali Bola

This vegetarian cafe has a colorful interior design, perfect for filling your Instagram feeds. You can use every corner for photos. Many celebgrams have also stopped by this cafe. Some of the foods offered include quinoa, granola bliss and cornfield. For drinks, this cafe serves a variety of infused waters and juices.

8. Peloton Supershop

This vegetarian restaurant in Canggu has a spacious space, perfect for hanging out together. Inside, you can see a wall decorated with bicycles. The food menu includes granola lola, pantani porridge, salad, lentil soup, and parmy chicken. Drinks include coffee, kombucha, various teas, and juices.

9. Sage

Sage is a vegetarian restaurant in the southern part of Ubud. When visiting this place, you can immediately feel the calming atmosphere. What’s more, there is an inspirational message in the tableware package. The menu lists nf (nut-free), gf (glutten-free) or sf (soy-free), so you can choose according to your taste. For example, you can order sweet potato pancakes, raw tacos, chia french toast, or salad. For drinks, there’s coffee, iced tea, juice, and lemonade.

10. Give Cafe

Give Cafe with its brightly colored design donates all of its profits. The funny thing about this cafe in Bali is that you can choose where to donate your money, such as to the planet, animals, or people. For breakfast, you can enjoy smoothie bowls, rainbow crush and french toast. For lunch and dinner, there are laksa, burgers and veggie curry. Drinks include iced tea, oranges, herbs and coffee.

When looking for vegan restaurants in Bali, be sure to look for restaurants that use organic and fresh ingredients from local farmers. Restaurants that are eco-friendly and committed to promoting healthy and sustainable eating can help you find delicious and satisfying vegan dishes in Bali.

Traditional Vegan Food Bali

Bali Vegan Food
Nasi Campur Beras Merah

What makes the food culture in this country stand out and what really makes Balinese cuisine so vegan-friendly is the fact that Indonesia is the birthplace of tempe!

Tempe is made from fermented soybeans and is a food rich in protein and probiotics. Balinese people literally use tempe as well as tofu for everything including vegan and non-vegan dishes.

You’ll find it served as a main meal, snack, side dish, or as a meat substitute in fish curries and stir-fries. Finding food for vegans around us is quite easy in Bali, just type “Vegan Food Near Me” on google, and choose the most suitable one. In addition, locals also commonly use other common vegal foods such as tofu and tempe.

Those two examples of condiments are just a few of the several types of traditional foods that can be recommended for vegans. The following are some examples of traditional Balinese foods that are suitable for vegans.


Gado-gado is the most popular vegan food on our list for good reason—few vegan dishes in Bali are as delicious and famous as this one. Take note that the dish gado-gado is ideal in its simplicity.

Simple as it may be, this dish of blanched veggies, tofu, tempeh, and rice cooked in banana leaves with a side of peanut sauce never gets old since you can change it up according to the seasons.

Although it’s occasionally combined, we personally like it better served separately and with additional peanut sauce. Gado-gado is a safe and convenient option for vegan tourists visiting Bali, as it is available at almost all neighborhood eateries.

Fried Rice

In actuality, nasi goreng is a mainstay in Balinese cuisine and is regarded as Indonesia’s national dish. It literally means “fried rice,” which is what the name refers to. Traditionally, fried eggs are placed on top of nasi goreng after it has been cooked using bits of chicken. You can, however, request that the restaurant hold off on serving the egg and substitute tempeh or tofu for the chicken.

For us, there’s nothing better than Indonesian fried rice when visiting Bali, and it tastes even better than Thai fried rice. Sometimes nasi goreng is served with a side of rice or nutcrackers; however, as the crackers may include fish or shrimp, make sure to inquire if they are vegan.

Tempe Goreng

In Bali, tempeh goreng is perhaps our favorite vegan dish. Even better, this recipe is automatically vegan. The name alone should have given it away: tempeh is the main attraction.

Though comparatively basic, the dish is absolutely wonderful. The tempeh is cut into many pieces and then deep-fried until it turns brown and crispy. It is then served with a homemade peanut sauce.

Like much of the food on this list, tempeh goreng is available at practically all local eateries in Bali, but we only ever get it from our absolute favorite.


While not a meal in and of itself, this condiment is definitely noteworthy in light of the larger picture. A mainstay of much of Bali’s vegan cuisine is sambal, a curry paste made with fresh chiles, garlic, shallots, lime, and vinegar.

The spice blend can be served as a condiment or as a side dip in addition to its typical use in meal seasoning. Every cook in Indonesia seems to have their own rendition of the recipes, which are frequently handed down through the generations.

Nasi Campur

A properly prepared vegan nasi campur is the pinnacle of vegan cuisine in Bali. It’s a fusion of tastes, textures, and colors, and the servings are typically quite large.

Nasi campur, like an Indian thali or a Nepalese dal bhat, is a platter with multiple tiny dishes on top of a bed of white rice. Think of it as the ideal chance to sample multiple Balinese delicacies simultaneously.

Depending on the vegetables that are available, the restaurants you visit, the area you’re in, and the person who prepared it, different dishes are served with nasi campur. Additionally, nasi campur is served in a buffet-style at a lot of local eateries in Bali, where you choose what you want to eat and pay according to weight.

Where To Eat Vegan Balinese Food

Bali Vegan Food

Bali is a vegan paradise, but it’s not a secret that there’s a lot of vegan options available depending on where you are. The most vegan-friendly place in Bali is easily Ubud, with Canggu and Seminyak close behind. There is a little less choice in Uluwatu, Sanur, Amed, and other places, but we always seem to find amazing vegan Balinese food no matter where we go.

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